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We are thrilled to welcome Michael Chu to the 31st Union family as our Narrative Director. In an article published today by Gamasutra, Michael speaks about his passion for representation in gaming and why he decided to join our studio.

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Developer Profile - Amanda SullivanLee


This month we are honored to give back to those in our local community affected by COVID-19, and are also thrilled to introduce you to Amanda SullivanLee.

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Developer Profile - CJ Burbage


In addition to unveiling our new branding in February, we also announced the core values that define our studio culture and approach to game development.

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Announcing Our Official Studio Name: 31st Union


We are poised for global recruitment and continued development of unannounced new IP. Alongside reveal of our new development facilities, company branding and core values commitment to further establish our identity, we also announced plans to expand our presence internationally beginning with a European location based in Spain.

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Developer Profile –  Lindsey Poad


During this month of Thanksgiving we have been reflecting on the things for which we are most grateful. To our friends, loved ones, and the entire gaming community, we wish you a Thanksgiving filled with abundance and bright memories.

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Developer Profile – Prateek Gudihal


Our new studio continues to grow with experienced and passionate game developers. Prateek Gudihal, a senior engineer focusing on gameplay, was born in India and grew up in Florida.

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Developer Profile - Lawrence Mai


E3 is here again. Congratulations to all of the amazing developers and teams that will be celebrating by sharing their passion with the world in the coming week. One message that we are hearing from developers at all gaming conferences this year is this: Never give up on your dream. Start where you are. Follow your passion, and trust that good people will help you along your way.

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Developer Profile – Lori Jo Sanders


At 31st Union , we value diversity and inclusivity in our studio and in our game. We have a cornerstone commitment to building a studio renowned for mentoring women and minorities into leadership roles throughout our company and in the game development industry.

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Introducing Suzanne Lettrick


The world of gaming has evolved tremendously since the first Game Developers Conference (GDC) more than 30 years ago. Today’s cutting-edge technologies, such as AR, VR, machine learning, streaming thin client consoles and 4K Ultra HD TV, would have been the dreams of science fiction at that time. We now live in a world where games and gamers can be connected at virtually any time and anywhere.

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